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Meet Stephanie!

After so many years of turning down weddings because I was already booked or unavailable, we decided it was time to add an associate program to Autumn Silva Photography!

This has been years in the making, and the thought has legitimately scared me for for a long time. I have worked so hard for five years to build my brand, how could I ever let someone else shoot my weddings and put my name on it? I have struggled with this for a while, but thankfully I found a friend who has the same goals, processes, and vision to shoot with the same passion as myself. Stephanie has been shooting along side and training with me for over two wedding seasons and I am so proud to introduce you to her!

I met Stephanie a few years back during a photo gig! We were fast friends and bonded over our love for Michael Scott (we are some serious Office junkies) and our passion for travel! Some of my favorite times with Stephanie involve rental cars, air bnb’s, and lots of picture taking! Stephanie is married {to put into her words “a hot tamale”} and mama to two energetic pups, Fizgig and Bella- aka Big booty Judy!

At the core Stephanie is a creative with an eye for detail. Great haircolor, a photograph that makes you feel something, the right paint color – all those things mean everything to her. She loves to work with people who appreciate the little things, and enjoy the perfectly imperfect.  Stephanie’s photography style is that of a watcher, and her favorite images are the ones that capture the “in-between moments,” where you didn’t realize the camera was on you.  If you prefer bare feet over boots, vintage over brand new, and bed-head over freshly styled hair, you are sure to have a connection with her, just as I do!

Price begins at $3800 for 8 hours. This pricing includes two photographers & engagement session.

Check out some of her latest work here!