About ME!

Hello! I am Autumn, and I am so glad you are here! I am hopelessly in love with capturing the vast array of emotions that weddings bring forth! I have a passion for storytelling, and understand how to document a couple’s beginning in a manner that is unique to each of my partnerships. Photography is a strategic medium that allows me to stop  and focus on the delicate details others often miss during their chaotic days. I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot in both film and digital mediums. Film photography provides an ethereal quality to my images, and has helped me become a far more intentional shooter. I understand how lucky I am to document real exchanges that are often forgotten as quickly as they are experienced so that they may be shared by others, across generations. I have a studied knack for capturing immense love wrapped in shimmering light.  I are convinced that LOVE is the most resilient, glorious force in our universe. If my art can help mirror the love you both feel for one another, then I have certainly succeeded. 

If you’re curious to know more about me, here are three fun facts: 

1) I was born in Botswana, Africa!
2) I have an adorable golden retriever named Daphne! 
3) I love to explore & adventure! I will travel almost anywhere for your wedding!

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