About us!

Hello! We are Autumn and Ron and just like you, we are in love! Our first date was at a local Mexican restaurant where we downed a pitcher of margaritas, talked story, and sealed the deal with the best first kiss we ever had! We fell fast and we fell hard. Let’s zoom ahead a bit, to the present day. We have three wild hooligan kids that keep us spinning in circles, tripping over our tribe of kitty cats. When we...differ to agree, we find a good cuddle and watching an episode of The Office helps us keep our challenges in perspective. 

Yes! We have a passion for storytelling, and know how to document a couple’s beginning in a manner that is unique to each bride and groom. For Autumn, photography is a strategic medium that allows her to stop time and focus on the delicate details others often miss during their chaotic days. Autumn is a hybrid photographer, meaning she shoots in both film and digital. Film provides an ethereal quality to Autumn’s images and has helped her become a far more intentional shooter. For Ron, cinematography is an opportunity to document real relationships and exchanges that are often forgotten just as quickly as they are experienced. We enjoy teaming up and documenting those fleeting, once in a lifetime moments, so that they may be shared by others, across generations. We have a studied knack for capturing immense love wrapped in shimmering light. We admire the sweet details, quick glances, and genuine candid moments that are often taken for granted.

If you’re curious to know more about Ron and Autumn, here are four fun facts: 
1) Autumn was born in Botswana, Africa!
2) Ron is quite partial to his music and travels the country touring with his band.
3) We love to explore & adventure! We will travel almost anywhere for your wedding- we actually eloped ourselves in Jamaica!
4) We are convinced that LOVE is the most resilient, glorious force in our universe. If our art can help mirror the love you both feel for one another, then we have certainly succeeded. 

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