Gio’s Birth story

July 30, 2015

About a month and a half ago, I had the absolute honor of attending and supporting my sister in law in the birth of her first son, Gio. There really is no greater gift than the gift of life and this was so so meaningful of an experience for me. Danielle was so strong and watching her hus I honestly was crying so hard (along with everyone else in the room) when he was born that Im surprised I was able to keep on shooting. Gio is a blessing to our family and I hope you enjoy this beautiful birth story as much as I enjoyed photographing it. Z87A5036Z87A5023Z87A5130Z87A5088Z87A5096_2Z87A5100Z87A5108_2Z87A5079Z87A5128Z87A5132Z87A5104Z87A5145Z87A5140Z87A5145Z87A5150Z87A5148Z87A5160Z87A5151Z87A5190Z87A5171Z87A5174Z87A5259Z87A5240Z87A5242_2Z87A5197_2Z87A5206Z87A5248Z87A5221Z87A5228bwZ87A5344sZ87A5339



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