Why you should do a first look!

January 17, 2018

We love it when our couple’s do a first look! We have been photographing weddings for over six years now, and are so excited whenever we get to document a first look! We find it helps make the day run smoother and makes for some super sweet moments!

Milwaukee Kimpton wedding first look Milwaukee Wisconsin club wedding first look If you are newly engaged and wondering ‘what is a first look anyways’, lets break it down! A first look is our way of asking if you and your partner are going to see each other privately before the ceremony. Traditionally, couples would wait for the infamous walk down the isle, however first looks are becoming a more and more popular alternative!

Milwaukee Pritzlaff wedding first look

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First looks are an opportunity to help calm your nerves! Many times our couples are naturally pretty anxious and emotional prior to their long awaited ceremony. First looks give you the chance to have a private moment together and help wash away some of those nerves. There are not many moments that you will have alone on your wedding day and this can be a great way to get some private time, exchange sweet words and an embrace before the wedding frenzy begins.

Green Lake wedding first look

First looks also allow you to get a lot of the photos done prior to the ceremony. Photos of the couple, wedding party, and family can take up a nice chunk of time away from your guests! Allowing for some time prior to can free up some time for cocktail hour and socializing! Instead of having to rush through photos to get you back to your event, couples often are less stressed and enjoy their portrait session even more!

Milwaukee wedding first look

Now if you’re really set on doing it the traditional way and seeing each other on your walk down the isle, that is perfectly ok! At the end of the day, this is your wedding day after all! But if you’re on the fence, or worried it will take away from the magic of the ceremony, don’t be! You two will be just as excited to begin your lives together, and generally speaking our couples that cry during the first look, also tend to cry when they see each other during the processional!



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