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Claire & Christian flew in from Alabama for engagement pictures yesterday! Although rain was forecasted I think these two brought a little bit of sunshine with them and I’m not complaining. Can’t wait for their wedding this October!  

Alright you guys! Im seriously trying to get better at blogging and starting with Rebecca & Evan was an easy choice! These two were so fun, I can’t wait for their wedding at Cuvee this summer!

Riley, Cassandra and I went out a little over a week ago to take their engagement photos. We had such a chilly windy evening and I loved every second of it! Nothing like a little wind to set the mood!

WHAT A FREAKIN SESSION! The morning of Kasey and Tyler’s engagement session all the way up until we arrived, google forecasted a beautiful sunset. In actuality we had stormy skies followed by yes you guessed it a lot of rain. These two were champs and totally down to adventure in Lake Michigan and make the […]

Ryan, Corrisa and I met up a couple weeks back at Lions Den Nature Gorg on a beautiful Wisconsin summer evening. Genuine love, emotion, a killer sunset, and a touch of crazy wind made for a beautiful session!